Company Info


Shawn Hennessy | President

As son of the founder. Shawn grew up on the shop floor. Since his graduation from the University of San Diego in 2001 Shawn has been in charge of business operations for Machinist Group. Shawn’s degree in business and experience has equipped him with the ability to make Machinist Group extremely competitive on Quality, Price, and Lead Time, while providing superior customer service.

Bill Horst | Engineering Manager

Bill has over 30 years of machining experience in the metal working industry. Bill joined Machinist Group in 1988. With his passion for technology Bill has helped Machinist Group become the sophisticated and automated manufacturing partner that you can depend on.

Rey Dimas | Shop Supervisor

Rey has been with Machinist Group for over 25 years and in that time he has been trained in all aspects of the machining industry from programming to set-up. Rey and Shawn work closely to make sure your parts are machined to the highest standards while meeting the lead time requirements set forth by our customers.

Lloyd Hennessy | Founder

Lloyd has over 30 years experience in the field of machining. In 1980 Lloyd took that knowledge and an intense desire to succeed and founded Machinist Cooperative, now known as Machinist Group. He founded the company on one basic principal; his machine shop would provide the best service of any shop in the business, and since 1980 that has been our primary goal. Lloyd’s understanding of what makes a successful business has trickled down through all the employees of Machinist Group to ensure that you get the best possible parts at the best possible price.