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A Message from the Founder

The advent of micro-processor-based computer technology has opened up manufacturing possibilities which would have been unthinkable only a short time ago. The result has been the design of a wealth of parts and components with ever increasing complexity. As the limitations of design are constantly pushed outward, the challenges to manufacturing are growing proportionately.

Machinist Group is dedicated to meeting these challenges. In business since 1980, the company has built a customer base spreading over many industries, in several countries. The common factor has been the complexity and variety in shape and size of the individual parts. Machinist Group has the capability to handle the very small as well as the very large, with quantities varying from a single prototype all the way through to full production.

Although capability has been an important part of our success, we have always believed that quality and dependability are of equal importance. We think that all three variables are necessary for doing business in today’s global economy.


Lloyd Hennessy